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Our Products

Where are Dedal products made?
Every product is made in Portugal.

How do you source the raw materials?
Every raw material is sourced in Portugal, except for the lighting components that come from Italy.

Where can we find product instructions?
Our product specs can be found here.

Are your cork products made 100% by machines?
No. We use laser-cutter and milling machines but everything else (last finishing and packaging) is handled by human hands.

Your products are hand finished. What does it mean?
It means our production is mainly done by humans, not by machines. We use tools for some processes but overall there’s always the human touch in every piece, that makes it unique.
How to take care of Dedal’s ceramics?
Please wash before using. We recommend all pieces are washed by hand in hot soapy water, well rinsed and allowed to air dry. To maintain the integrity of the pieces (i.e., colour, glaze), dishwasher use is not recommended. Nonetheless, we do it at home and sometimes some marks in the glaze are appear, as some crazing. This does not affect the use or durability of the piece over time.

How to take care of Dedal’s cork products?
Our cork is stain proof. To clean it use a humid cloth. Your ceramic portfolio has many colours and effects.

Can we customize them?
Yes. We can customize colour, colour effect and decoration. Please contact us to know more.

About Dedal

What does your name stand for?
‘Dedal’ is the acronym of developing design and local activities. The word ‘dedal’ also means thimble in Portuguese.

Why do you only produce in Portugal?
We believe it’s where we can make the difference. From one hand, we ensure our social footprint is low. On the other, we promote the development of local economies and control our ecological footprint.
Why all your products have funny names?
Our product names are mainly inspired by Esperanto language. We also use Latin and Portuguese languages to find the best names for our products.

How do you evaluate a design pitch?
The pitch has to follow our requisites. Contact us to get further details.


Do all designers work for Dedal in full-time?
No. Our designers work with us with royalties.

Can any designer present their design pitch to Dedal?
Yes, as long as they are unkown in the market.
How do designers get paid?
Dedal assumes all costs of pre-production and production, paying each designer a royalty per every unit sold.

How can designers submit their pitch and when is it evaluated?
Designer can pitch their ideas via email. We only accept projects that respect our design brief. So, before sending your work: contact us to ask for the design brief.


Are you looking for new retailers?
We are always looking for new retailers, especially those aligned with our mission. Contact us; we would love to work with you.

Are you looking for agents and distributors? Yes. Always keen to meet new business partners. Please contact us if our products match your portfolio.

Can you produce customized editions?
Yes. We can produce customized editions: any product change (pattern or colour) that is not included in the current catalogue.
How do you ensure retailers exclusivity on a specific market?
We believe that every shop is unique as it appeals to different customers so we don’t refuse retailers when we already have a client in a specific area.
Unless we have a specific request regarding exclusivity. If that is your case, contact us and share your needs (client base, type of competition and location) so we can consider your request.

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