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In January 2017 the company was founded after a positive feedback from the local Portuguese market. 2019 represents the consolidation of Dedal’s internationalization. The company’s plans to further expand internationally were delayed by the health pandemic of 2020 but the company is already getting back on track preparing the upcoming catalogue.



To make every home happy and our world a better place.


To design and create home products that spark happiness the heart way, using materials and collaborative processes that protect our environment and enhance our communities.


‘dedal’ is the acronym of Developing Design and Local economies. The word means thimble in Portuguese (the cap used to protect the end of the finger when sewing).

Our product names are inspired by the Portuguese, Latin and Esperanto languages.



When interacting with suppliers, customers or partners, Dedal puts kindness first as its products need to reflect the care put into its production and form. When in doubt, the company resorts to a faithful Dalai Lama quote: “Be kind whenever possible – it is always possible.”


Most of the company’s decisions are made with social and ecological footprints in mind. In everything Dedal does, sustainability is key as to ensure the company’s actions are the best for surrounding communities and the planet.


Dedal is genuine and transparent – from the materials the company uses to the way they price their products, Dedal is willing to show the world their processes and methods to foster greater trust.

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